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Great to see such a good turnout from students and parents/carers at tonight’s Options Evening, we hope you found it useful!


Great new signage at the front of school provided by to reflect our exciting new partnership together.


We look forward to seeing our Year 8 students and their parents/carers at tonight's Options Information event. Doors open at 5:45pm for a 6pm start in the Main Hall.


Some of our Year 10 students enjoyed a very 'cool' science lesson today making their own ice cream.


We look forward to seeing parents/carers of Year 8 students at our Options Information Evening on Wednesday 17th January. Click here for further details:-


Tickets selling fast for our school production of Alice in Wonderland. Book yours today via


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Welcome to de Stafford Sports Centre. The centre looks great and so do the staff in their new uniforms! Great start to 2018 with #2018


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We are delighted to announce that today we started working with to operate de Stafford Sports Centre. Freedom Leisure's Operations Director, Matt Hunt, Head Teacher of de Stafford School, Jeremy Garner and mascot Jim Trainer, braved the weather to mark the occasion.


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Was a great first day at de Stafford Sports Centre. Very excited to be working with . Thumbs up all round!


Happy New Year to all our followers! Looking forward to starting a new term tomorrow - remember it will be Week 1 Wednesday!


Wishing all members of the school community a safe, happy and enjoyable festive period. We look forward to welcoming students back on Wednesday, January 3rd.


Read all about this half-term's news in our latest newsletter


Congratulations to all of our award winners in today's celebration assemblies


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Well done to our de Stafford readers. The achievement board is bursting with good news! Who will be our first word millionaire? Watch this space...


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Books wrapped and ready for our Y7 Book Buzz event! Our thanks to the de Stafford PSA who kindly donated the funds so that every Year Seven will receive their very own reading book this


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Final numbers of the year! Books read since September = 1,995. Number of words read = 39,989,703. A huge well done to all of our Y7 and Y8 de Stafford readers!


The December edition of our school newsletter is available to view now at We would like to wish all our followers a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


We look forward to welcoming parents/carers/friends to our Christmas Music Showcase this evening at 6:30pm.


The surrounding roads are clear but please exercise extreme caution when walking on the pavements and entering the school site. Students are permitted to wear footwear appropriate for the icy conditions. The car park is particularly icy so try to avoid driving in to school.


We are open today but to give the site team additional time to grit the worst affected areas we will be operating a late start. Students will be expected in to SAM at 9:30am. Any student arriving early may go to the school canteen.

Resistant Materials

Head of Department: Mr D Watson

KS3 Resistant Materials Technology

All students in Years 7 and 8 study one hour of curriculum time per week on a 10 week rotation cycle with Food, Resistant Materials and Ceramics. Over the 10 week period students complete a design and make project.


In Year 7

The aluminum creative door hanger introduces students to metals and their individual properties. Student learn and develop skills; covering the cutting, shaping, drilling, preparation for a quality finish and the folding and bending of sheet material. The project is designed to raise awareness of SMSC and includes student understanding of recycling and sustainability.


In Year 8

The mood light lantern introduces students to various types of wood and their properties. Students learn and develop more practical skills by marking out, cutting, smoothing down wood to make the required wood joint fit correctly. CAD / CAM skills are introduced to the project and students design and create their own individual light panels. In addition to this students develop electrical engineering skills through the development of a circuit which they construct.



In Year 9 students have five lessons per week spread over two weeks. The projects taught are designed to build up skills and knowledge in all areas of the new GCSE Design & Technology course.

Each project is designed to enable robust progress whilst also assessing the students experience and understanding of the design process and working with a variety of materials, components, tools and equipment to make quality individual projects. The projects at KS3 form preparatory steps and skills towards the GCSE syllabus.

Projects for Yr 9

Storage Box

Students design and make a small storage box made mainly from softwood and manufactured board. This storage box will have a creative CAD/CAM lid design. The internal part to the storage box will have compartments and either a vacuum formed tray or a small wooden tray with compartments.

Bottle Opener

An individual bottle opener is made by combining mild steel and hardwood. The introduction of heat treatment and tempering of carbon steel forms the introduction to the project. Students are given opportunity to develop their product through ergonomic design; to make a product which will ergonomically fit into their own hand with comfort. Practical skills are developed by marking out, drilling, cutting, filing, smoothing and combining steel and hardwood together. Awareness of SMSC, this is discussed regarding the use of steel and hardwoods and how the production of these two can adversely affect our planet.

Jewelry Project

Students design and make an individual jewelry inspired project. Student will continue to develop CAD / CAM skills to manufacture the mould for casting, this part will be used to cast molten pewter into the mould and produce a quality jewelry product.

Plastic Phone Holder Project

Students design and make an acrylic phone holder stand. This part will be modelled on solid works and the use of CAM such as the laser cutter to manufacture the part. The acrylic stand will then need to be bent into shape and mounted onto a small wooden structure or storage box.

Small Mini Clamp

For metalwork, students design and make a small mini G-clamp, this is manufactured using manual engineering skills and the use of the lathe.

Students will follow a design brief to manufacture a mini clamp. This component will be modelled through CAD initially to develop skills in technical drawing and 3D modelling. The mini clam will be made from metal in the workshop.

In addition to the above, student will develop skills in drawing and modelling. The new GCSE D&T theory aspect of the course will also be delivered alongside the projects detailed above.



Year 10

The ne GCSE D&T theory is taught alongside various design and make projects. The projects delivered in yr 10 build upon the skills and knowledge taught in yr9.

Picture Frame Stand

This project will introduce students to more complex wood joints to form a picture frame stand.

Creative Clock Project

For the plastics part of the syllabus an individual design and make clock project, this will mainly be designed using CAD/CAM to manufacture the clock face and other engraving detail. The clock stand will be made by laminating wood together, contrasting hard and softwood.

Small Occasional Table

Students design and make a small table, this will be formed using complex structural wood joints. The table top will combine resistant materials to create a quality table top part.

Electronic MP3 Speaker System

An MP3 player music box, students design and make a small speaker system from resistant materials and combine this to an electronic circuit board. 

From the start of Year 9 students will work through a wide range of projects that will enable them to successfully pass the GCSE course whilst also providing skills for life and career opportunities for the future. 


GCSE Controlled Assessment

From the 1st June in yr10 students will begin their Non Examined Assessment (NEA), this will involve students researching, designing, modelling and planning for the realisation of their product. The examine board will set a list of design briefs for students to choose.

This course will lead students into a vast range of college based courses such as Product Design, Interior Design, Engineering, Theatre and Set Design, Trade and Business opportunities.

College courses will lead to university and/or careers paths within both business and the arts. The course will also empower independence and provide skills for life.

Year 11

The course is split into two parts resulting in one final grade:

Non Examined Assessment (Coursework): 50%

Exam: 50% of final grade (Subject knowledge).

The final exam consists of one paper which is worth 50% of the final grade.

The (NEA) will consist of a portfolio of work, typically 40 pages of A4. The practical prototype will be developed and manufactured from the portfolio.

Progression Opportunities

This course will lead students into a vast range of college based courses such as Product Design, Interior Design, Engineering, Theatre and Set Design, Trade and Business opportunities. 

College courses will lead to university and/or careers paths within both business and the arts. The course will also empower independence and provide skills for life.