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Thank you to our Y11 Parents and Carers who attended tonight's information evening. Your support is much appreciated.


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Great to have visited & have 1st Strategy meeting for !


Lovely to welcome so many prospective parents and students to our Open Evening. We hope you enjoyed your visit!


The hall is all set for Open Evening 2017!


Looking forward to our Open Evening today. Presentations at 5:45pm and 6:45pm.


We are looking forward to hosting prospective parents/carers at our Open Evening tomorrow night. HT presentations at 5:45pm and 6:45pm.


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Great effort from the boys U15 rugby team, who narrowly lost 43-33 in a thriller against 🏉


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Extra-Curricular Clubs start on Monday ! Improve your skills, make new friends & have fun! 💪🏻


Fantastic input from students helping to assess the quality of our catering bids.


Thank you to our Y9 parents/carers for attending tonight's information evening. As ever, your support is much valued and appreciated.


...and after. The less than welcoming blue fence has gone!




Thank you to staff, parents/careers and governors for their support in ensuring y11 students achieved so well this year.


Congratulations to our Head Boy and Head Girl on achieving a fantastic set of GCSE results


Congratulations to our Y11 students who achieved so well in their GCSE exams. Excellent grades but more importantly fantastic young people!


Wishing all members of the school community a safe, happy and restful summer break. See you in September!


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We've just achieved a Silver ! Thank you to staff, students & coaches for supporting School Games


Lovely to welcome so many parents/carers to our Y9 celebration assembly this morning. Thank you for your support.


Great work from the Student Review Team today who shared their ideas on school improvement with Mr Garner.


Great feedback given to Mr Garner by the Student Review Team today.

Head of Department: Mrs C Waddell


All students in Year 7, 8 and 9 study music for one lesson a week throughout KS3. Students will study a range of different musical styles, genres and cultures from the 1500s to the present day. Each unit of work is designed to cover the core skills needed in music; Performance, Composition and Listening and Appraising. Students gain confidence through regular in class performances and gain invaluable life skills through group work, independent learning and the study of different cultures. Below is a brief outline of the different units of work studied in each year group.

Year 7

Students start by studying the basic Elements of Music and how to apply them when composing and performing. We then look at the Voice and how to use it, followed by a study of how to create music without traditional instruments. Ukulele and Keyboard skills are covered with a context of traditional Folk Music and we finish the year looking at Rock n Roll and Songwriting. Students also have the opportunity to use Music Technology to compose.

Year 8

Students will build on their prior knowledge of Music in Year 8 by studying a range of different musical styles. We start by looking at Blues and the historical context behind this genre of music. Students will then have the opportunity to become animation composers while looking at Film Music. Students will then look at the history of music and how music has changed over the years. We finish the year by studying different World Music styles and incorporate some traditional performance methods.

Year 9

Students this year will study the more modern styles of music. We start by looking at Motown and Reggae music, considering the cultural context of these styles as well as the history of the music. As the year progresses, we look at Musical Theatre performance, Club dance and Pop and Rock music. Students will look at consolidating their performance skills with a final unit of work that enables students to perform music of their choice in a band setting.


Exam board – Edexcel GCSE Music.

Students studying GCSE music follow the Edexcel specification. They will look at 3 key areas – Performing, Composing and Listening and Appraising.

Performing (30%)

As part of their coursework students will do two performances, one solo and one ensemble (group). Students will independently study their own instrument with help and advice from Mrs Waddell and any instrumental teachers.

Composing (30%)

Students will compose two pieces of music in different styles relating to the Areas of Study. Students will compose independently using a form they find most comfortable.

Listening and Appraising (40%)

Students study 12 different pieces of music across 4 Areas of Study. They will learn the key Elements of Music relating to each of these pieces of music, working towards their final exam. A variety of different question styles will be covered including music theory and notation.

AOS1 – Western Classical Music – Handel, Mozart and Chopin

AOS2 – Music in the 20th Century – Schoenberg, Bernstein and Reich

AOS3 – Popular Music in Context – Miles Davis, Jeff Buckley, Moby

AOS4 – World Music – Rag Desh, Yiri, Capercaillie.

Year 10

In Year 10 students will study between 8 and 10 of the set works, starting with Miles Davis’ "All Blues". We cover basic music theory and note reading as preparation for the exam.

All students are required to complete their solo performance piece of coursework by the end of the first term. This involves choosing a piece of music to perform on an instrument of their choice. Students are responsible for rehearsing and ensuring their piece is ready to perform. After Christmas, we start looking at the Composition element of the coursework. Students are required to write a piece of music in a style which relates to the Areas of Study. By the end of Year 10 all students should have completed Solo Performance and Composition 1.

Year 11

In Year 11 we continue from Year 10. We will cover the remaining set works until all 12 have been covered.

In the first term, students are required to complete their Ensemble performance coursework. This requires them to perform a piece of music as part of a group. They must find the piece they wish to perform, source the group and take responsibility for their rehearsal. After Christmas, the Composition 2 is started, and any changes needed to be made to composition 1 will be completed as well. Composition 2 involves the students working on another piece of music which is relating to a different style than the first.

Once all set works are complete revision will take place and we will focus on the exam techniques required. Students do their mock exam in the December and following this we will revise all set works alongside completing and finishing coursework.

Progression Opportunities

Any kind of Music industry based career will look for Music as a GCSE. Performance, Music Technology, Composition, Music Production and many more!