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Thank you to our Y11 Parents and Carers who attended tonight's information evening. Your support is much appreciated.


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Great to have visited & have 1st Strategy meeting for !


Lovely to welcome so many prospective parents and students to our Open Evening. We hope you enjoyed your visit!


The hall is all set for Open Evening 2017!


Looking forward to our Open Evening today. Presentations at 5:45pm and 6:45pm.


We are looking forward to hosting prospective parents/carers at our Open Evening tomorrow night. HT presentations at 5:45pm and 6:45pm.


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Great effort from the boys U15 rugby team, who narrowly lost 43-33 in a thriller against 🏉


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Extra-Curricular Clubs start on Monday ! Improve your skills, make new friends & have fun! 💪🏻


Fantastic input from students helping to assess the quality of our catering bids.


Thank you to our Y9 parents/carers for attending tonight's information evening. As ever, your support is much valued and appreciated.


...and after. The less than welcoming blue fence has gone!




Thank you to staff, parents/careers and governors for their support in ensuring y11 students achieved so well this year.


Congratulations to our Head Boy and Head Girl on achieving a fantastic set of GCSE results


Congratulations to our Y11 students who achieved so well in their GCSE exams. Excellent grades but more importantly fantastic young people!


Wishing all members of the school community a safe, happy and restful summer break. See you in September!


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We've just achieved a Silver ! Thank you to staff, students & coaches for supporting School Games


Lovely to welcome so many parents/carers to our Y9 celebration assembly this morning. Thank you for your support.


Great work from the Student Review Team today who shared their ideas on school improvement with Mr Garner.


Great feedback given to Mr Garner by the Student Review Team today.

Head of Department: Mrs K Graham

Key Stage 3

Students study 2 hours of History per week in Year 7 and 1 hour per week in Year 8 and 9. The KS3 history curriculum follows the National Curriculum guidelines and is delivered in Thematic Units. History homework is set for all students weekly in KS3 in the format of homework booklets.

Year 7

Students study the Norman Conquest followed by Life in Medieval Britain. In term 2 students research the peasant’s revolt and the rule of Richard the Third. In term 3 Year 7 embark upon the Tudor period and look at the consequences of the Reformation for the people of the 16th century and the legacy it has today. Year 7 complete their year with an investigation into the Stuart period with a focus on the English Civil War.

Year 8

Students begin thematic studies of the Romans and the Aztecs. In term 2 students delve into the British Empire specifically Colonial America and the Slave Trade. Term 3 see Year 8 return to Britain to understand the changes and impact on society of the Industrial Revolution.

Year 9

Students focus their investigations to the causes and consequences of the Great Wars with specific research on the impact the wars had on the Home Front. Year 9 conclude their KS3 History curriculum with a modern case study focused on Vietnam.

Key Stage 4

GCSE History is taught over 3 hours per week in KS4. Students follow the WJEC Route B Specification which includes the following Units:

Homework is set for all GCSE History students weekly by their individual class teacher

Year 10

The Development of Sports, Leisure and Tourism in the 20th Century: Students study the changing nature of sport, leisure and tourism activities throughout the 20th century, investigating the reasons for increases and decreases in a variety of activities and technologies over the century.

Controlled Assessment: Students are required to use sources to analyses an event from History. The questions and sources are alternated every year and currently students will complete a piece of controlled assessment on either Apartheid in South Africa or the Home Front in Britain during World War Two.

Year 11

Crime and Punishment in England and Wales: Students study the causes and types of crimes committed from the Tudor period to the modern day period and how they have changed over the period. Students will also investigate the variety of punishments that were inflicted on criminals and how and why our methods of punishment have changed over the last 500 years.

Germany in Transition: Students study the reasons for the Rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and the impact the Nazi Party had on Germany.

Exams and Coursework

There are three exams, one for each unit. The exams are 1 hour 15 minutes in length and are worth in total 75% of the final grade.

The coursework is a piece of controlled assessment which is completed in class. This piece of work is worth 25% of your final grade and will focus around the use of sources to support or contradict an interpretation associated with Apartheid or the Home Front in Britain during World War Two.

Progression Opportunities

History is a highly respected subject which develops skills that are highly sort after by colleges, universities and employers. History can open the door to many careers such as Archaeologist, Genealogist, Museum Curator, Law, Civil Service,Intelligence Services and of course a History Teacher.