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Thank you to our Y11 Parents and Carers who attended tonight's information evening. Your support is much appreciated.


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Great to have visited & have 1st Strategy meeting for !


Lovely to welcome so many prospective parents and students to our Open Evening. We hope you enjoyed your visit!


The hall is all set for Open Evening 2017!


Looking forward to our Open Evening today. Presentations at 5:45pm and 6:45pm.


We are looking forward to hosting prospective parents/carers at our Open Evening tomorrow night. HT presentations at 5:45pm and 6:45pm.


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Great effort from the boys U15 rugby team, who narrowly lost 43-33 in a thriller against 🏉


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Extra-Curricular Clubs start on Monday ! Improve your skills, make new friends & have fun! 💪🏻


Fantastic input from students helping to assess the quality of our catering bids.


Thank you to our Y9 parents/carers for attending tonight's information evening. As ever, your support is much valued and appreciated.


...and after. The less than welcoming blue fence has gone!




Thank you to staff, parents/careers and governors for their support in ensuring y11 students achieved so well this year.


Congratulations to our Head Boy and Head Girl on achieving a fantastic set of GCSE results


Congratulations to our Y11 students who achieved so well in their GCSE exams. Excellent grades but more importantly fantastic young people!


Wishing all members of the school community a safe, happy and restful summer break. See you in September!


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We've just achieved a Silver ! Thank you to staff, students & coaches for supporting School Games


Lovely to welcome so many parents/carers to our Y9 celebration assembly this morning. Thank you for your support.


Great work from the Student Review Team today who shared their ideas on school improvement with Mr Garner.


Great feedback given to Mr Garner by the Student Review Team today.

Art & Ceramics

Grow, Learn,Believe and Achieve

Head of Department: Mrs C Small.


Key Stage 3 Art

In Key Stage 3, all students study Art for one lesson a week. Years 7 and 8 also complete a ten week Ceramic project as part of the rotation with the DT department and Year 9 study two Ceramic projects.

Year 7

During the first term of Year 7, students are introduced to the Formal Elements of Art and are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of artistic media. In Term 2, students explore the patterns found in Aboriginal and African Art to create a decorated papier mâché bowl. The work of the artist, architect and environmentalist Friedensreich Hundertwasser is the focus of the Summer Term. Students explore the colours and patterns used by Hundertwasser to create a poster raising awareness about an environmental issue. In Ceramics, students create tiles influenced by Islamic Art.

Year 8

In Year 8, students begin by studying Cubism. They explore the broken, fragmented imagery and multiple viewpoints utilised by the Cubists to create their own Cubist inspired pictures. In term 2, students study portraiture. They learn how to draw a correctly proportioned face and explore the work of Vincent Van Gogh, the Fauves and the body art of the Maori people. Students create a self-portrait influenced by this research. In the Summer Term, Year 8 examine a range of Art from around the world e.g. Native American, Chinese etc. to create a final piece of their choosing. In Ceramics, students create vessels.

Year 9

Year 9’s commence the year by studying Pop Art. They learn about the origins of Pop Art, its influences, the key artists and characteristics of the movement. They have a choice of several outcomes as a final piece. Students are introduced to Surrealism in the Spring Term and explore the various methods employed by the Surrealists to explore the unconscious mind. The summer term students research illuminated lettering and graffiti to create a 3D papier mâché letter. In Ceramics, students create masks and then shoes in the second project.

Various trips, enrichment activities and Art competitions are also planned throughout the year.

Year 10

During the Autumn and Spring terms, students complete a ‘High Street’ project. They explore a wide range of artistic media,e.g.acrylics and watercolours, oil pastels, clay, chalk pastels, ink and wash, collage, sketching pencils, printing, photography as well as studying contextual references. They create several outcomes including both 2D and 3D work under this overarching theme. In the Summer Term, students complete a ‘Skulls’ project and produce a final piece in the media of their choosing.

Year 11

Students spend the Autumn Term of Year 11 preparing for their Mock Examination – a project based on the theme ‘Identity’. This is the first fully independently led Art project the students will complete in order to prepare them for the final exam.

Any work completed in Year 10 and the Autumn Term of Year 11 can form part of Unit 1: Portfolio of Work which is 60% of the students’ final grade.

Question papers are issued by AQA are given to students after the Christmas Holidays. They respond to their chosen starting point and spend the Spring Term preparing to create a final piece during the 10 hour (2 day) exam which occurs just prior to the Easter Holidays. This work is assessed for Unit 2: Externally Set Task and is worth 40% of the students’ final grade.

Grow, Learn, Believe and Achieve

Exams and Coursework

Unit 2: Externally Set Task 40% of the final GCSE Grade

Question papers are issued by AQA in January of Year 11. You will respond to your chosen starting point and create a final piece during the final 10 hour (2 day) exam.

You will be assessed in four different areas:

AO1 Contextual Research

AO2 Development of Ideas & Experimentation with Media

AO3 Recording Observations and Ideas

AO4 Final Piece

All work is marked by the school and moderated by AQA.

Unit 1: Portfolio of Work -60% of the final GCSE Grade.

The portfolio of work is made up of a selection from two or more projects undertaken during Year 10 and the beginning of Year 11.

Each project consists of observational drawings, studying the work of other artists and designers, creating ideas, experimenting with media and producing a final outcome.

Further Education and Careers

Studying GCSE Art and Design enables you to gain more confidence in using a wide range of art media and helps to develop your imagination and creative skills. Post-16 Courses you could study with a GCSE in Art and Design: BTEC Art & Design, Foundation courses,AS/A2 and any other creative course e.g. carpentry, design, textiles, fashion, photography etc. The creative industries employ approximately 2 million people.Studying Art and Design will also benefit those who are interested in any of the following careers: Artist, Animator, Fashion Designer, Furniture Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Interior Designer, Jewellery Designer, Make-up Artist, Photographer, Art Teacher etc.